Travel Insurance

Protect Your Journey, Secure Your Adventure: Travel Insurance for Every Destination.

Travel Insurance

Are you planning a trip outside Canada? Are you traveling solo, as a couple or is it a family trip? Have you thought about any unanticipated medical emergency or situations while traveling?

Traveling excites everyone! However well you may plan your trip, there are always chances of encountering uncontrolled incidents that may turn quite disturbing as well expensive; it may be an accident or theft or loss of valuables, or just an unsuited health emergency or an injury.

To save your trip from turning into a nightmare, consider purchasing travel insurance before your depart. It may be a month-long trip or a short week trip or just a one-day trip to the United States, your travel insurance will have you covered for most of the unexpected situations.

What does your travel insurance cover?

Generally, the coverage on your travel insurance differs with different insurance providers and your type of travel, although a majority of them cover you for most of the services, there are various available options to choose from.

  1. Emergency Medical Insurance Plans
    1. Coverage up to 10 million
    2. Worldwide coverage - excluding the USA
    3. Multi trip or Single trip annual coverage or for up to 15 months
  2. Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption Insurance
    1. Trip Interruption Insurance - for a Multi Trip or Single Trip
  3. Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    1. For Multi Trip or Single Trip
  4. Non-Medical Package - for Single Trip, it includes
    1. Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance
    2. Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
    3. Baggage Insurance
  5. An all-inclusive Holiday Package - for a Single Trip, it includes
    1. Emergency Medical Insurance — worldwide coverage
    2. Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance
    3. Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
  6. Optional Coverages
    1. Baggage Insurance
    2. Rental Car Protection
    3. Sports & Activities Coverage
  7. Insurance coverage for Covid-19

Why should you have Travel Insurance?

Your basic Canada's GHIP or your provincial or territorial health plans may or may not cover you for any medical emergencies that may arise outside Canada. Also, the hospital and medical expenses in a foreign country may turn to be very heavy on your pockets and may require immediate cash payment.

Having a travel insurance will save you from any unforeseen expenses and can get you the necessary help and treatment at the right time. In addition to this, there are a few more benefits of having a travel insurance.

  • Customized Coverage Option: There are customized coverage options for solo or frequent travelers, couples, senior citizens, family trips, or students studying abroad.
  • Trip Cancellation Coverage: Travel Insurance covers you for any expenses or losses incurred in case your trip is canceled or delayed. Hence, it is also commonly known as trip cancellation insurance.
  • Coverage beyond your GHIP: Your Canadian Health Insurance or your provincial or territorial health plans may cover very little or no medical expenses you incur outside Canada, for which your travel insurance gets you covered.
  • Medical Emergency Coverage: Many foreign country hospitals may have expensive treatments, may require immediate payment, and may not treat you if you do not have a medical coverage. Having a travel insurance protects you against the stress of expenses in times of any unforeseen medical emergency.
  • Coverage for COVID-19: There are coverage options available for travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, subject to the terms and conditions of your plan.

Choosing the right travel insurance plan may get tricky as there are different coverage rules and insurance regulations in different countries. Also, in case the Government of Canada has issued a Travel Advisory for your chosen travel location, your insurance provider may refuse to pay your medical claim.

Manpreet Singh can assist you with the right Travel Insurance plans that can best fit your requirements and your travel destination. We can assist you with having various coverage offers and plans from different insurance providers, whether traveling overseas or inside Canada but just away from your home province.


Still not sure what to do? Here is a list of our FAQ's; click the question to unveil the answer

Is travel insurance required for all out-of-province trips?


While travel insurance coverage is optional in most cases, it is highly recommended to purchase a suitable policy to take care of both medical and non-medical emergencies that may happen while you are away from your province of residence.

More specifically, your provincial insurance coverage will not cover the majority of possible costs associated with emergency health care while you are out of province. Hence, you will be responsible for payment in case you require immediate medical help.

In addition, please note that you may be specifically required to provide a proof of coverage when you apply for a certain type of visa when you travel outside of Canada.

I have travel insurance with my credit card. Do I need another policy?


Travel insurance coverage provided with your credit card may not cover all possible expenses that are considered claim-eligible under a specialized travel insurance policy.

Specifically, credit card insurance on average provides lower benefit limits as well as a restricts the duration of your covered travel time to a certain number of days.

The best way to determine whether your credit card insurance is comprehensive enough to provide sufficient coverage during your trip is to thoroughly review it with your insurance provider.

What are the types of travel insurance polices?


Mainly, there are 3 types of coverage readily available to Canadian residents who decide to travel out of province: Medical Emergency, Trip Cancellation & Interruption and Personal Effects coverage.

Also, you can purchase a bundled policy that includes 2 out of 3 types of coverage or even an All-Inclusive Plan to give yourself a greater peace of mind.

Can I cancel a policy if my travel plans change?


Yes, you can have your policy cancelled in case you are not going on a planned trip anymore.

Please note that refund policies would be a little different depending on the insurance provider. In most cases, you can only cancel your policy prior to the Effective date of your insurance or prior to departure from Canada to begin your trip.

What is the difference between Single-Trip and Annual Plan travel insurance?


Single-Trip plan provides continuous coverage during 1 trip (for up to 1 year), while Annual Plan would cover you for an unlimited number of trips within a year but each of your covered trips will be limited to a certain number of covered days.

Most commonly, Annual Plan covers 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 days per trip. Please note that the number of covered days will vary depending on the insurance provider. You can contact our Insurance Advisors for more information.

Do I still need travel insurance if I travel to another province or territory in Canada?


It is highly recommended to purchase a travel insurance policy when you take a trip outside of your province of residence even if your destination is still in Canada.

Provincial insurance plan will not cover all of the costs associated with medically required services while you are away. That is why, you should get a proper travel insurance policy to cover possible medical emergency expenses where your provincial coverage will not suffice.