International Student Insurance

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International Student Insurance

Canada is one country where we see an average of 500,000 student immigrants come in every year from across the globe, to pursue education at different levels. The country is among the top choices of overseas students, as they are enticed by the quality education and living standards, which are amongst the best in the world.

Canada has a very well-established healthcare system for its people. Though most of the services provided are for the permanent residents of the country, the Government of Canada has taken into consideration the medical emergencies of its visitors and student immigrants and has ensured to serve the best possible facilities while in the country.

The insurance for students in Canada is branched into three categories:

  • Insurance for Canadian students studying abroad
  • Insurance for Canadian students studying in another province or territory
  • Insurance for international students studying in Canada

While insurance for Canadians - studying in foreign countries and in different Canadian provinces or territories, away from their residential province - is covered under various options available in the travel insurance plan of Canada, the insurance for international students studying in Canada is a critical must-have with its own unique term and features.

What is International Student Insurance in Canada?

International Student Insurance is a health insurance plan for overseas students coming to Canada for educational reasons. It is a required medical coverage for students who study in Canada and covers you in case of any illness, existing health condition, or an unforeseen medical emergency.

The health insurance coverage for international students in Canada varies in every different province. Where most of the provinces do have their individual insurance plans for foreign students, provinces like Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Yukon do not provide coverage for international students. Foreign students residing in these provinces have to either enrol in their University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) or obtain health insurance from a private insurance provider.

In any case, it is mandatory for all international students to get health insurance, hence you must do the necessary research on the availability of insurance in your intended province of study.

Why do you need International Student Insurance in Canada?

Nobody plans to get sick when traveling or studying abroad, but it is always wise to be well prepared ahead of time. Also, international students studying in the country are not eligible for healthcare benefits funded by the Government of Canada. So in case, you suffer a medical emergency the hospital bills can prove to be very heavy on your pockets.

Also, there are many important factors associated with health insurance for foreign students, most of which have benefits for the students more than it being an obligatory norm.

Facts and Benefits of having an International Student Insurance you should know:

  1. It is a mandatory norm of every Canadian University for international students to have a health insurance coverage.
  2. The premiums on an international student insurance are very low and affordable.
  3. Your international student insurance covers you partially or fully on most of the following services for a total coverage sum assured up to $5 million:
  • Emergency hospitalization & medical expenses
  • Non-emergency medical treatments
  • One routine physical examination
  • General physician consultancy charges
  • Psychiatric and Psychological Care
  • Traveling Worldwide
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Accidental expenses
  • Expenses related to any dental or wisdom tooth emergency.
  • Eye Exams, Prescription Glasses, Contact Lenses, and Hearing Aids
  • Tutorial Services
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Tuberculosis testing and Vaccination
  • Return of Deceased
  • Emergency Air Transportation / Return Home
  • Transportation of Family or Friend (*Conditions applied, please refer to the policy wording for eligibility and details.)
  • Any pre-existing health conditions or injuries (provided you apply)
  • Maternity expenses
  • Ambulance fees
  • Expenses on prescribed drugs
  • Diagnostics and laboratory service

While most of the above mentioned coverages may be provided by your provincial health care system, some services may not be covered. Also, your coverage from one province may not be valid in the other Canadian provinces, case of any medical emergencies while you travel. In this scenario, having private health insurance may be an ideal choice for international students. It may not only cover you across all Canadian provinces but also provide you coverage for services that are not covered under your provincial or territorial insurance plans.

Manpreet Singh gives you the best provincial as well as private plans to offer international students for their health insurance. We take into consideration your university province and suggest the right health insurance plan depending on your duration of stay, to get you covered for maximum medical services.


Still not sure what to do? Here is a list of our FAQ's; click the question to unveil the answer

When and how should I buy health insurance for International Students?


It is always better to buy your insurance for International Student before you arrive in Canada in order to avoid a waiting period, which could last several days.

In order to make the purchase, all you need to do is to calculate a personal quote and fill out an application form. Our Insurance Advsiors will get in touch with you once we hear from you.

Are there any International Students in Canada health insurance requirements?


There are no official International Student insurance requirements set by the Government of Canada.

However, the best practices state that such student health insurance has to cover the essentials such as hospitalization, repatriation as well as emergency medical care.

Are International Students required to have health insurance in Canada?


Even though International Students in Canada are not required to have health insurance, it is highly recommended that you secure your finances and avoid paying for costly emergency medical services, if you ever need such assistance it.

Is there any International Student dental insurance?


Canadian insurance companies that offer their travel health insurance plans to International Students, who are coming to Canada, have an emergency dental insurance supplement.

Such dental insurance coverage will take care of the costs for emergency dental repair, wisdom teeth removal as well as dental pain relief up to the limit set by a particular insurance plan.

How to compare International Students health insurance plans?


You can use our free online International Students health insurance to take a look at all available plans and compare the summary of benefits of each.

You should also check a Policy Wording of each plan you are thinking of purchasing in order to make sure that it cover what you need.

I am travelling to Canada to study. Am I eligible to buy international health insurance for students?


Yes, absolutely! If you are enrolled in a high-school, college or under the exchange program in Canada as an International Student, you are eligible to protect yourself using such insurance coverage.